WinkyLux Photo Booth

Winky Lux Photo Booth

Role: Design & Development

Brand: Winky Lux

Working directly with Winky Lux to ensure that this photo-booth would be up to scuff with their branding and design. I created an Android application, optimized for tablets, that they were able to deploy and use for their in-store experiences. The application would prompt the user to create a 3 second boomerang gif and then be able to share it to multiple phone numbers and seconds after leaving the sharing screen would receive the GIF to their phone!


Creating a Anroid application that created a small gif with high quality. Both Android and IPhones users would recieve their GIF via text directly to their device. The experience was optimzied for throughput as the user would only recieve the GIF after they had left the experience (going back to the homepage).

Development Highlights

  • AWS Uploading cache system
  • Created a system that created Boomerang (plays then reverses then repeats) GIFs
  • Creating a queue system that would share the images after recording and SMS was input
  • Optimization of saving GIFs and compression
  • Worked with designers to ensure the UI met brand guidelines