Microsoft Create Change

Microsoft Create Change

Role: Engineering Lead

Client: Future Colossal

Brand: Microsoft & NFL

I worked on a team through Future Colossal, contracted by Wasserman to create the NFL Create Change in-store application. The application was a painting application that featured 5 different NFL players and gave the user information about the various charities. Users were able to select their favorite players and design a helmet, if they won, then that charity would be awarded $5000 and the user would recieve Superbowl LII tickets.

The app is going to be activated in every Microsoft store in the country.
— Microsoft Head of Retial


We utilized a new technology that Microsoft was developing for their Surface Studio's, the dial. Working with Microsoft we were able to deploy the application through their enterprise system so that it would be easily accessible for in-store employees to put on the machines.

Development Highlights

  • Worked with Microsoft to reach the international standards for accessibility
  • Used Microsoft's new Surface Studio Hardware and API for various features
  • Created 3D model painting funcationality (paint bucket, spay paint, normal paint, eraser, undo)
  • Engineered a projection system to interact with 3d models on a 2d canvas
  • Created custom emailing system
  • Developed software architecture
  • Optimzing for the Sufrace Pros
  • Used projections for users to zoom in on the helmet as if it were a 2D object

Experience Summary

During the activation over 35,000 people across the United states used the application. It was debuted in the Mall of America where various NFL players used it, as well as being one of the experiences in the town surrounding the Superbowl during Superbowl weekend.

Deployed at over 100 Microsoft Locations in the United States.


  • Clio Silver Award: Integrated Campaing
  • Clio Silver Award: Social Good
  • Clio Bronze Award: Partnerships & Colaboration
  • EX Silver Award: Best Cause/Community program