Electrical Lineman VR Training

Electrical Linemen Training Simulator

Role: Design & Development

Client: VRSimul8

I was in charge of designing and development of the Utility VR Simulation for electrical lineman. From creating a custom 3d and 2d interaction system for both the HTC Vive controllers as well as the Manus VR gloves to the workflow of the experience itself. This is a product that VRSimul8 is actively working on and hopefully is going to be used at major utility companies in the near future.


Wrorking directly with the team over at VRSimul8 to create an intial MVP and build off of it so that linemen (the electrical ones) could had a realistic training simulation was really interesting. We had multiple phases of the enviornment as well as haptic feedbacks for when the tools hit the wires. I implemented the Manus VR Gloves into the project as well as made a custom interaction system that extensed the exsiting unity 2d elemetns as well as made it autogenerate everything necessary for any 3d elements as well.

Development Highlights

  • Custom Manus VR interaction system (grabbing and pressing buttons), fully extensible and automatically setup on existing components.
  • Haptic feedback system
  • HTC Vive interaction system built on top of Steam VR 2.0
  • Redesigned previous architecture to make more extensible
  • Created toolbox system for east of selection


Creating another simulation was really cool and there has been a lot of postive feedback on the project so far. I hope the best to the team at VRSimul8 and look forward to working again with them in the future as they continue to putch and get feedback from potential clients.