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AWS Wordpress Hosting

After much management of the new website, and all of those struggles involved I can now say that I have a deep understanding of wordpress hosting on AWS. Especially the struggles involved with your designer delting the wordpress configuration while in the wordpress console, I am looking at you Brian! So here is a rundown of the options and what ultimately we are using, and what I would use in the future.

EC2s the typical servers

Using the Bitnami server template, I opened up a server and happily enough it was a Linux/Apache2 server with ssh access and quickly got to work with the standard wordpress site and my designer got to work. We opted for a t.2 large for the 8gb of RAM and it was one above the recommended minimum requirements. The server runs 24/7 and it's pretty nice that it all seemingly just works, after a lot of the DNS issues got resolved, very unique to the mess that was left to me, shout out to every customer support agent that I talked to, atleast 5 of you, our site will always work. So this EC2 costs about $65/ month, not great but not terrible for a server with 8gb of ram, but without a real way to downgrade the server.

Spot Instances

The other option would have been to do a spot instance, which are servers that are available but left laying around so they are steeply discounted, you might as well have a server in use, so sell it at a lower price, at about a 66% discount, so spot instances, being set assumingly the same way that the standard EC2s, it should be fine it would have cost about $25-30/month but we can still go cheaper.

AWS Lightsail

The 5$/month option, or El Cheapo. They off on demand servers with pre configured setups. Wordpress is actually one of them and I would highly recommend this option moving forward. Although you would have to setup the DNS else where, while it says it can manage all of it, I have a little doubt. I may test and build some sites on there myself, with the first month free!

dan flan