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Linux vs Mac vs Windows. Developer edition

Today I was able to setup my aws enviornment on my windows machine, somethat I had long setup on my mac, but that was for work. Setting up AWS on a fresh windows 10 turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. I still wanted to run almost everything through terminal commands still, like my mac, because that is what I am used to. Write a few commands and then all the sudden you have a local enviornment running for testing, want to push it up to AWS, another command or two and you're all set. I really like this, it also makes me feel more hackery, or I guess it feels like what is expected, you know, black terminals with green text like the matrix and a lot of information that most of the time is actually useless streaming down the console until you can actually do something useful.


On my Mac I had a few things pre-installed when I got it, pip and python being one of them, maybe brew or I installed that one, and in about 10 commands and a few installs (VS Code and Visual Studio Mac) I was up and running. It also came pre-installed with Mono and I downloaded X-code for good measure, everything else I could look up which brew command.

brew isntall aws-cli

brew install python

brew install cake

bew install aws-sam

Something along those lines. After I had entered all of my commands it was off to the races.


Windows for me unfortunately wasn't that easy, also should note, long time windows user here, we're talking XP. I downloaded a lot more things, and a few of them actually went astray with no real documentaion to support them. I should appologize here to my neighbors for shouting, "Install damn it, why can't you just install the damn package". Turns out I had a bad Visual Studio Nuget config file. So I deleted it, then it worked, but figuring out I had to delete it took a rather... I;m not going to say how long it took, but a long time.

What I think might happen going forward

I honestly love my terminal commands now. I didn't really get into it until my 2nd year of being a professional developer, using the CLI. I was working in enviornments that didn't need them, you know apps and games. Now I really enjoy it. I saw a video recently by Linus Tech Tips talking about gaming on Linux and even found out that those Steam Boxes are actually a Linux distro. Linux could be making big waves soon. I would love to see a laptop come with that pre-installed instead of Windows, I also saw in a different video that you can, through a long series on instructions that would scare most people away, get MacOS running on a PC, not a hackintosh, which I can say I am quite tempted to try.

Linux might be finally consumer ready

Linux might be the future OS, or some distro of it, I've seen a lot of good ones recently. I would love to have a company and have a few engineers develop an distro for the public to use with ease, as a way of giving back. I also heard about mobile phones being able to use some varient of them as their OS! So maybe another phone operating system in the future as well, which would be amazing to see. the reason why I like it is that is has 0 bloat on it, no trackers nothing running in the backround, just a good and clean version. It feels really fast too! So I hope that we see some more of that in the future.

Who knows maybe I just love being a power user now?

dan flan