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Possible Youtube channel and teaching videos?


While I understand my blog hasn't been super active in terms of my posting, or even a common day of the week that I post to the blog I thought that I would post that I am toying with the idea of starting a Youtube Channel where I run a few fun projects and teach people how to code or even just document my projects with them. I was watching some videos recently of a recent graduate and an engineering student who is taking a year off, and I like the format of what they are doing. My one major side project SID is the one I am working on but haven't gone too far in on yet. It's currently at the point where I can start filming my development progress of it and be happy enough with the results.


I was also toying with the idea of teaching or writing recently because I keep getting questions by some of my former interns or people who I was a TA too. The reason was I had a conversation with one of them, Hal, about 2-3 weeks ago. He said that I was the reason he passed the course (CS 115 Introduction to computer programming). We also talked about just the sheer amount of people that always showed up to my TA sessions. The class I was a TA of, was a class of 15 and shared the TA role with another CS major. It was only a few weeks in that I had about 10/15 students showing up weekly to my TA sessions. Before exams and the latter part of the semester, I think on average it was about 20 people. 20/15, aka the other 115 class had caught wind of me and started showing up. Honestly, for the final project, I think I saw nearly everyone during the extra sessions I hosted. I was talking with another friend of mine who had tried out the major but didn't, and the summation of that conversation was that having a good teacher could go far. My students always heralded me, and I even taught high school and middle school CS one summer as well. So I might toy around with this idea some more. I might start with the Youtube portion of it and have multiple series, a teaching one, a fun one, etc... So more to come.

What's this side project SID you ask? Go over to to find out more.

dan flan