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Unity and the Google Cloud

Cloud Networking

At Unite Berlin, Unity announced a partnership with Google Cloud services to enable the next generation of multiplayer games using cloud networking. This is a huge announcement as cloud networking is a pay as you go type of system and can dynamically scale with the current amount of users. They want to create an easy way to network real-time fps games and other real-time games, a beast among itself! I am very excited to see this as they promised some different categories as well such as turn-based games and dynamic single player content as well.

My Experience

I have been working recently with an AWS database and calling and downloading files from it, and so far the process has been pretty easy. Using AWS can be intimidating at first given the sheer amount of services you can see in the console. It got a lot easier as I started to understand the functions that I had to utilize and work with, nothing crazy!

I have done UDP and TCP programming before as well, something that is more like a black hole of programming since keeping and establishing connections can just come with an enormous amount of try-catch statements with callbacks to re-enable services. Then what happens if it times out, reconnects, loses internet for a second but not long enough to disconnect, just a black hole of time that you can get sucked into.

Looking forward

I am super excited about this. I might even finally revamp the Pokemon game, something I have been saying I would do now for a long time to enable cloud networking. It's a process okay guys, have to make a client and a server code base and connect..... its a thing. I'll make it happen though. It's fascinating to see this partnership, and I am looking forward to the late 2018 experimental releases!

dan flan