Ribee VR

Ribee VR

Role: Unity Developer

Client: Future Colossal

Brand: Monsterful VR

I worked on a team through Future Colossal, to help out with the tracking, batting and pitching capabilities of the Ribee VR baseball simulation. The Ribee system is for professional baseball players to train against current top pitchers to improve their batting.

I tested it and I faced Corey Kluber. (I hit a) loud fall ball, he said, laughing. Hadn’t had an at-bat in about 12 years. It was a loud foul ball.

It was realistic, it was in a stadium, you could center, you could hear the crowd noise, you could see the release point, the delivery—everything was game-like. And it certainly felt like the reaction time of 95 (mph). It certainly felt like it.
— Jeremy Booth, former Mariners scout and current CEO of the Future Stars Series and Program 15


I was brough on to the project for my experience using tacking systems. Through using an combination of various techniques I was able to create a real world simulation of various baseball player's pitches. I created a bat prediction collision system because the ball would have passed through the bat otherwise in the game engine. We brough in a baseball expert to verify the curves and drop of 5 top pitchers and adjust them real time. The system was built to be easily expanabale so that more pitchers could be added with ease in the future.

Development Highlights

  • Pioneered an expandable realistic baseball pitching simulation system in VR, tested and approved by professional baseball players
  • Developed prediction collision system for realism
  • Simulated the effects of gravity and spin on the ball to ensure real world accuracy


The Ribee VR system was created for coaches and players to work together to improve their batting against various top pitchers in the league.

That’s a slider. Okay, that one was a fastball. Holy crap, that was a curveball.
— Chris Dikerson, Former MLB player for the NY Yankees, Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds