Basic Summary

My goal here is for you, recruiter or interested person, by the way thank you for taking an interest in me, is to give you a 1 minute read summary. If you want to dive into more detial feel free too. I found it hard to write a concise resume and don't want to burden your time.

So Here we go

Hi! My name is Dan Flanagan, I go by Dan and not Robert, my nickname was often Dan Flan and on my rugby team in college I was called Flannel, I played Flanker. I have been in professional software development field since May 2016! In college once I got into computer science I couldn't stop so even with my course work, I have been developing my own projects since 2014. What excited me is that I have been able to work with so many different technologies in my carrer, and it's really just started. I have now come to realize that I have two roles. I am:

  1. Software engineer, a real badge of honor that I hold. Developing and writing code is fun, technical challenges excite me. I hold myself to a very high standard and try to learn as much as I can from other engineers, this has allowed me to end up as an engineering lead everywhere I have worked at so far. The code I write I focus on long term solutions and scalability. I have also been able to pick up new technologies very quickly.

  2. Technical dilligence leader, something I have eveolved into through my contracting and inter-personal skills. I can articulate myself very well and have given technical opinions in buisness and operational meetings and company wide meetings, and of course client meetings. Explain technologies well and give insight to perople will all levels of experience.

Hopefully I didn't run you over time. If you want to know more about what I have done feel free to read below.




  • C#

  • AWS

  • Javascript


  • Unity 3D

  • .Net Core


  • AR Kit

  • AR Core

  • Vuforia


  • HTC Vive

  • Oculus Rift

  • Google Cardboad

  • Google Daydream

  • Oculus Go


  • 8i Holograms

  • Microsoft Holograms

  • PlayCanvas


  • Phoulhemus Magnetic Tracking Systems

  • Sensel Morph Touch Pad

  • Leap Motion

  • Vive Trackers

  • Manus VR Gloves

  • Motion Caputure Suits



Microsoft Create Change Campaign

Role: Engineering Lead on in-store experience


  • Clio Silver Awards (2): Integrated Campaign, Social Good
  • Clio Bronze Award: Partnerships & Collaboration,
  • Experiential Marketing Summit Silver Award: Best Cause/Community Program

Technical Resume Dump

Some of the projects I have done are on the main page of this website but I thought I would go in depth, classic resume style on some of the cool features and developments I have done, if you're curious about a project go check out the portfolio page, as I try to keep that updated.

Next Rev Commerce

Software Engineer


  • Engineering lead for iOS app collaboration with 8i for retail use cases of holograms
  • Integrated AWS e-commerce platform into frontend
  • Developed core backend integrations into Shopify and Magento e-commerce platforms
  • Worked with remote teams to develop an immersive in store shopping experience online
  • Created iOS application for Microsoft Mixed Reality Studios for e-commerce holograms used internally

C#/Unity Contracting

May 2016 - Present

Experience Perception

  • Engineering lead for creating a real time painting tool using the sensel morph touchpad
  • Collaborated with haptics company Immersion to demonstrate haptic capabilities of new product
  • Created painting tool with, color mixing, and other features that emulated photoshop
  • Worked alongside award winning designers to develop the experience

Future Colossal

  • Engineering lead on multiple projects
  • Created and enforced software code standards for the company to ensure high-quality code in fastest amount of time
  • Introduced multithreading techniques and parallelism to optimize database calls
  • Refactored internal libraries, including analytics, sharing, threading, and developed a networking API using TCP/IP protocols
  • Developed internal networking API for TCP/IP network protocols
  • Used Microsoft’s new Surface Studio hardware and API
  • Enhanced Leap Motion detection for specific gestures
  • Pioneered an expandable realistic baseball pitching simulation system in VR, tested and approved by professional baseball players
  • Engineered a projection system to interact with 3d models on a 2d canvas


  • Designed 2d and 3d interaction system for Manus VR Gloves
  • Engineered grabbing system for Manus VR Gloves
  • Created software architecture and recommended hardware

Dream Store Media / Simumetrix

  • Worked with a team of award-winning designers, animators, modelers, to highlight a product in VR
  • Project was presented at a major tech conference and was deemed as the best product presentations there
  • Created a 3d interaction system for the HTC Vive controller and VR objects
  • Designed a simulation of a photorealistic 3D heart, approved by multiple MDs

ARVR Productions

  • Presented multiple VR mock-ups to a major NFL football team
  • Utilized multi-platform VR to have the demos on the Google Cardboard and Daydream
  • Pitched VR tech and demos at multiple venues and events
  • Developed AR experiences for both of the Android and IOS platforms

Hudson View Labs

Lead VR/Unity Developer

October 2016 – August 2017

  • Creation of and responsibility for maintaining and updating proprietary software and software architecture
  • Expanded the tracking area of the HTC Vive lighthouse system and increased its accuracy
  • Established a custom network system for multiplayer interactions through TCP/IP and UDP network protocols
  • Integrated motion capture suits, VR headsets, and magnetic tracking systems
  • Engineered a Unity plugin for a hardware company to use their magnetic sensors in real time
  • Developed an easy to use and simple GUI for nontechnical persons to navigate and start the user experience