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MR Paint Tablet

MR Paint Tablet

Role: Engineering Lead

Brand: Immersion 

Client: Perception

Worked at a Marvel design studio that has won multiple awards to create and experience for one of the leading haptics companies. The experience was to display their new technology by generating haptics on a ring using sound files. I worked with the team to implement their designs into a 3d painting application for the Microsoft Hololense and Sensel Morph Pad. Our main role was to implement all of the features for the pallet (sensel morph pad) and the full experience utilized Google Tilt brush technologies to paint in 3d space.


Worked with multiple algorithums to generate proper paint mixing on the sensel morph pad to create a realistic pallete with multiple features, including brush sizing, color mixing, clearing the palette, the scene and undoing the last action. Coordinated with the team at Immersion to ensure they knew the best practices for the G4 sensor.

Development Highlights

  • Worked with designers using Shader Forge (Unity plugin) ro replicate their shaders into theUnity form Cinema 4D
  • Optimized sensel morphj input so that it was seasmless into the experience, and transposed the points into 3d coordinates
  • Used the Alembic Importer plugin from Unity Japan and provided beta feedback on it so that it could be used with .Net 4.6
  • Created realistic paint blending that mimiced the bahviour of Photoshop as a reference
  • Implemented custom animations based off of 3d space and realtive distances
  • Divided the sensel morph into multiple sections so that the user could use different portions of the palette for various actions.
  • Consulted on pholhemus G4 sensor placement and usage
  • Created a custom color sampling program so that the clolr blend would be based on the colors around it


The project was really cool. I greatly enjoyed doing another painting application. It was really cool to use a wide variety of technologies, hardware and software included all while working with some of the best designers out there. We were all really proud of the experience we were able to create and that it was even better then the motion graphics that they had initallty provided. We were all really proud of the piece that we delivered and would love to collaborate on another project together in the future.