Pokemon Battle Sim

Pokemon Battle Simulator

Role: Engineering Lead

Client: Personal Project

One of my friends worked on the popular Pokemon Shodown game. He was charged with the android application development for it. When him and I were working together on a separate project, he was interested in what I was developing in my free time and asked if it was possible to create a similar experience through the Unity platform. Over the course of a few years, I redeveloped the generation 1 battles and created an expandable platform, that can be released on almost any device.


Through research and development I was able to recreate the generation 1 battles in this game. With the text, basic AI to play agianst and even the music from the games. Creating the system that would be easily expandable to further generations was key as I wanted a well structured system. The only thing that is left if it were to be expanded past generation 1 would be the move calcualtions for the further generations as well as the items that each pokemon can hold. All the pokemon generation has already been taken care of through a wonderful JSON file.

Development Highlights

  • Simluating the Pokemon moves form generation 1
  • Recreated the turn controller
  • Made system easily expandable into further generations
  • Developed basic AI to play against
  • Creatively translated GIFs into sprite sheets so they can be used in the Unity game engine.
  • Pokemon generation, moves, and health
  • Nostalgic text generation for each move


This was my first major project that I had ever worked on. I started it in college and eventually refacorted it later as I had more experience. I do believe it could possibly use another refcactor but I am very happy with its current state. Ideally I would like to netowrk this game and might do so in the near future.