Play The Pros

Play the Pros

Role: Unity Developer

Client: Future Colossal

Brand: Monsterful VR

I worked on a team through Future Colossal, to help out with the tracking, batting and pitching capabilities of the Play the Pros VR baseball simulation. The Play the pros system is for fans to play in a home run derby game with their favorite pitchers. I also helped develop the leader board and social sharing. 

We want to tie it directly to the team in a way that builds fan loyalty and connects to what’s going on on the field, said Sims in an interview with SportTechie. There are plenty of cool activations that provide fans entertainment, but we strive to be more than that.
— Jarrett Sims CEO of Monserful VR


The project is one of the first baseball simulations in VR. We put the player in a real world stadium against real world pitchers. The users get to bat against the pitcher at the stadium they are visiting and try to hit the ball out of the park in VR.

Development Highlights

  • Integrated vive tracker and Unity physics engine
  • Developed lead board applicaiton
  • Created architecture for social sharing application, later used in other applications
  • Optimized database analytics through multithreading and parallelism


Play the pros installation is in the Detroit Tigers baseball stadium as well as the New Brittain Bees stadium. It has been there since the middle of the 2017 MLB baseball season. Plenty of fans have had fun with it and it should be installed in other baseball stadiums across the country in 2018.