Operating Room VR

Operating Room VR

Role: Engineering Lead

Client: Dream Store Media

Brand: Sensory Technologies

I worked with Dream Store media as their VR developer on this projects to create a multiple scene VR experience that was debuted during the keynote presentation of the Technology Solutions Expo in Illinois. The project featured two different experiences, one where you could view the inside of a beating heart and another where you could interact in a virtual operating room. 


Using innovative controls on the HTC Vive's controller, users utilized the controls to navigate through the various rooms in the experience.

Development Highlights

  • 3D sound systems
  • Creating custom radial menu for the HTC Vive controller
  • 3D object ineractions
  • Optimizing high quality models

Experience Summary

There was a throughput of over 1000 people during the event, and people were going through the experience non stop for the entirety of the event. Some of the even attendee's thoughts

"Thats a real beating heart, I would know I've operated on them. The amount of detail is insane"

"Wow, This should have been at CES"

Thats a real beating heart, I’ve operated on them. The amount of detail is insane.
— Bretten Gordeau MD