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Next Retail Concepts

Next Retail Concepts 1 Year

Role: Software Engineer -> Lead Software Engineering

I started working at Next Retail Concepts in April of 2018 and am currently writing this piece near my 1 year anniversary of the company. I wanted to document what I have been working on and doing thus far, with regards to one of our primary products. Click any of the links below so you can go check any of them out. Iā€™ve gotten to work with some amazing brands to bring their stores to life, and just wanted to share some of the technical aspects that I have worked on. I did create holo gram applications over the course of this year as well, however, I wanted to highlight the work I have done on our flagship product.

Created almost 10 stores in a single year, and helped figure out how to optimize them and really bring them to life.


If I could just say that this is literally all innovation, that would be the most accurate thing. What has been cool for me is that I have been the lead on a team that has created these experiences for some of the worlds leading retailers, over the course of this year we even managed to get a deal with Master Card, and created a custom experience for them to debut at Mobile World Congress.

Development Highlights

  • Created Scalable microservices for various e-commerce integrations so that we could pull down all of the product information as well as be able to checkout out on multiple different e-commerce platforms
  • Create a CDN for all of our assets so they could be distributed as best as possible
  • Managed offshore development team in Armenia
  • Over the course of multiple iterations managed to get the load time of our experiences from over 30 seconds down to 3.
  • Worked directly with clients to create custom plugins to their system for ours to be able to integrate into.
  • Collaborated with internal design team to make their work come to life in our experiences.

Experience Summary

We have found that our click through rate is 2.4x better than any other for marketing on social platforms when compared to averages. We have had thousands of people enter our site and see our work and we are just starting to find our roots to grow.

Major Features I built

  • Multiple e-commerce integrations
  • Checkout system API
  • Products db
  • Internal Analytics
  • Proprietary performance techniques
  • CDN
  • Custom CI/CD tools

Tech Stack

  • AWS
  • C#
  • .Net Core 2.1 && .Net Core 2.2
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript