Delta Photo OP

Delta Aero Mexico National Team

Role: Unity Developer

Client: Future Colossal

Brand: Delta

I worked on a team through Future Colossal, and I came in to do final bug fixes and improve the shareable/takeaway from the experience. I worked on enhancing and expanding the existing sharing system that I had built out for them as well as do research and come up with a solution for the sharable for both IOS and Android.


Worked towards finding a sharing solution that wokred around Mobile Safari's limitation of not being able to download videos. Creating a small gif with high quality that worked on both Android and IPhones that were on IOS 11.

Development Highlights

  • Redoing Camera overlay system
  • Creating a queue system that would share the images after recording and SMS/Email was input
  • Improved existing sharing system
  • Optimization of saving GIFs and compression
  • Bug fixing on other applicaitons that were part of the experience