Animatrix Platform

Animatrix Platform

Role: Engineering Lead

Client: Hudson View Labs

I was the lead developer at an early stage startup called Hudson View Labs. The goal of this platform was to essentially create Escape Room type experiences for multiple people to be in at the same time, or any other experiences that involved multiple people being the same area

Increased Tracking Area

Worked directly with some developers at Valve to help solve issues in the base station tacking systems. We came up with our own unique solution so that instead of being confined to a 15x15ft area with limited tracking for mulitple people, we were able to increase the range to 25x25ft with extremely good tracking for everyone involved.

Multiplayer & Networking

Used a high speed router to handle the multiple connections and had it be expandable for up to 20 concurrent players in the space. Using custom datapackets and through multiple protocols, each player could see the other's avatar and interact with them in real time.

Magnetic Tracking System

Working with a mangetic tracking hardware company I was able to create a plugin for their hardware to the game engine. By using this highly accurate system we were able to superimpose players onto their avatars so that the avatars would be exactly where the player was at all times. We used this sytem for other props that could interact in the virtual enviornment as well.

Magnetic Tracking Mapping

I created a system to decrease the amount of time it would take to map out the magnetic tracking system by 90%, working directly with the hardware company. By utulizing technologies we built for the platform we were able to achieve this with near similar results to their proprietary system


Easy to use GUI

I helped design and create an easy to use GUI for a non technical person to go through the steps of calibrating the motion capture suit, getting connected to other players in the room as well as select the experience that the user wanted.

Motion Capture

We used a motion capture suit that would be attatched to the player so that they would have a virtual avatar that mimiced the their real world movements. I was able to utilize existing motion capture technology and feed that data into any rigged model in the game engine. We used other sensors and custom kinematic to prevent IMU drift as much as possible.

Software Architecture

I was charged with developing and maintaining the proprietary libraries that we created for the system. I created an easy to use and expandable system to easily add more content to the experience as well as a system to easily create and add features to the existing framework.