Allstate Handsformation

All State Handsformation

Role: Engineering Lead

Client: Future Colossal

Brand: Allstate

I worked on a team through Future Colossal, contracted by Octagon to create the Allstate Handsformation installation. The installation wen to two different bowl games, the Sugar Bowl as well as the College Football Playoffs in Louisiana and Georgia respectively. The installation had a total of 5 or 6 different hand skins that you could chose between depending on the location, for a total of 11 different hands. 

With Allstate you’re in good hands. With this we can even change your hands!
— Team Joke


Improving on the Leap Motion technology we were able to give uers a clean experience for one of the harder hands gestures to track.

Development Highlights

  • Improving gesture recognition
  • Creating a custom terminal application to sync photos across a LAN network
  • New analytics system
  • Software Architecture
  • Reengineered existing email system to get thorugh spam filters

Experience Summary

There was a throughput of over 4,500 people during the course of 5 days at various locations. The lines for the experience were always full and never ceased. User's had a great time with full tracked hands to share a photo of themselves with their friends.